Sonya’s misdiagnosis case settled for €1.9m
Medical Negligence

Sonya’s misdiagnosis case settled for €1.9m

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Sonya, a middle-aged woman, experienced severe headaches, neck stiffness and other concerning symptoms, prompting her to contact an out-of-hours GP service. She was referred to a local regional hospital for further evaluation and an overnight stay, with plans for a CT scan to determine the cause of her symptoms.

Change in medical assessment and discharge

Unexpectedly, the medical team decided to cancel the planned CT scan during a ward round the following morning. Sonya was discharged with a diagnosis of musculoskeletal neck pain, a decision that would later prove to be critical.

Continued medical issues and an overseas incident

Sonya’s condition did not improve and she sought advice from her GP, who recommended a CT brain scan. Conducted eight days after her initial hospital visit, the scan results were normal.

Sonya then travelled abroad for a family holiday, only to be admitted to a medical centre shortly into her trip. A CT scan revealed an aneurysm with evidence of haemorrhage, necessitating immediate surgery.

Residual health challenges

Post-surgery, Sonya continues to experience residual neurological problems, including visual impairment and short-term memory issues, impacting her daily life.

Legal representation and expert opinions

Jamie Hart of Augustus Cullen Law took on Sonya’s case, seeking justice and compensation for the substandard care she received. Expert reports from various medical fields were obtained to establish liability, arguing that a timely diagnosis during her initial hospital stay could have prevented the severity of Sonya’s injuries.

Settlement and conclusion

The matter was formally brought before the court and a trial date fixed. However, prior to the commencement of the trial, the Defendant admitted liability, initiating the settlement negotiation process.

The case was resolved with a €1.9 million settlement and coverage of legal costs, providing Sonya with necessary financial support for her ongoing medical needs and care.

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