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Our team has an excellent track record of helping women who have suffered as a result of medical negligence.

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Gynaecological & Obstetric Injury claims & compensation

Augustus Cullen Law has specialist knowledge and experience of cases involving gynaecological & obstetric injuries.

If you feel that you have suffered such an injury or have concerns in relation to the care given to you during a gynaecological procedure, we will be happy to advise you. We have successfully brought a large number of claims arising out of gynaecological procedures and secured compensation for women who have suffered avoidable injuries.

What are gynaecological & obstetric injuries?

Gynaecological & obstetric injuries are vaginal or anal sphincter injuries, often in relation to childbirth.

As with any medical procedure these injuries can often occur as a result of a non-negligently performed operation and there are recognised complications of these types of procedure.

However, certain injuries may have been avoidable if adequate care and attention was paid either during the initial procedure itself or in the immediate post-operative period. In this instance, it would be classed as clinical negligence.

For a more details overview, read: What are gynaecological & obstetric Injuries?

We are a leading firm of gynaecological & obstetric solicitors with offices in Dublin, Wicklow & Wexford

At Augustus Cullen Law, our committed team of experts diligently examines prospective cases. With their experience and compassion, our team assists clients who may still feel unsettled by their experiences and are uncertain about the details. We have access to leading medico-legal specialists, ensuring that you receive exceptional legal counsel of the highest calibre.

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