Professional Negligence Claims

Professional Negligence Claims Solicitors

If you have been let down by a professional who you trusted to act in your best interests, you might be entitled to compensation.

Augustus Cullen Law Solicitors have a specialist team of experienced lawyers working in this niche area of professional negligence and have been involved in numerous successful claims against financial institutions and various professionals involving multi-million Euro awards.

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Professional negligence solicitors in Dublin, Wicklow & Wexford

In times of growth and economic prosperity advice given may often be over-optimistic. Possible errors go largely unnoticed when things are going well and the advice is rarely challenged. However in light of the current economic climate professional advice is being scrutinised and errors are being highlighted. Professionals are now in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and errors made, whether due to negligence or fraud, are becoming more and more common.

There is a vast spectrum of professions which come within the ambit of “professionals”. We are well used to hearing about medical negligence claims but until recently claims against other professionals have gone largely unnoticed. Claims against the likes of lawyers, accountants, architects, brokers, bankers are becoming more common as mistakes made during the Celtic Tiger are now surfacing.

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