Noah's missed diagnosis case settled for a six-figure sum
Medical Negligence

Noah’s misdiagnosis case settled for a six-figure sum

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Noah, a young man, noticed swelling in his testicle, prompting immediate concern and a visit to his General Practitioner. His GP, recognising the potential seriousness, referred him to a local hospital for evaluation.

Hospital assessments and misdiagnosis

At the hospital, Noah was placed under the care of a consultant urologist and their team. An ultrasound showing a solid mass was carried out and a diagnosis of epididymitis was made. Noah was prescribed antibiotics, yet his symptoms persisted, leading to additional reviews and ultrasounds, with no change in diagnosis.

Dissatisfied with the hospital’s response, Noah’s family sought a second opinion, which led to a rapid reassessment.

Second opinion leads to correct diagnosis and lifesaving care

A second consultant urologist immediately arranged a surgical exploration in light of a possible diagnosis of rhabdomyosarcoma. This is a type of rare cancer of soft tissue.

The exploratory surgery was carried out and confirmed the diagnosis of a high-grade malignant tumour. Noah was admitted for further surgery.

Following this operation, advice was sought from The Royal Marsden Hospital London, a noted centre of excellence for cancer care. Fortunately, Noah’s prognosis is good and he should not suffer any shortening of his life expectancy.

Noah and his family contacted Augustus Cullen Law’s medical negligence team

After his period of extensive treatment, including surgeries, chemotherapy and sperm preservation, Noah sought legal redress. Noah and his family contacted Augustus Cullen Law and instructed us with the case.

Expert evidence was obtained from a consultant urological surgeon and a consultant oncologist who provided reports criticising the standard of care afforded to Noah. The reports indicated that had an earlier diagnosis taken place, he would have avoided the necessity of radiation treatment and one of his surgeries. 

Legal proceedings and settlement

Proceedings were issued against the hospital and negligence admitted by the hospital in the Defence. The matter was listed for hearing but was resolved at Mediation shortly before the trial was due to commence and a six-figure settlement agreed.

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