Roisin’s post-surgical injury claim settled for €550,000
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Roisin’s post-surgical injury claim settled for €550,000

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Roisin, a 73-year-old patient, underwent knee replacement surgery. While the surgery itself was successful, her recovery was hampered by a mild heart attack, low haemoglobin levels and diarrhoea, necessitating a prolonged stay in the High Dependency Unit.

Despite physiotherapy staff advising against mobilisation until Roisin was more stable, nursing staff attempted to move her to the toilet, resulting in a fall. This fall caused a severe rupture to her patellar tendon in her knee, leading to further surgery and a knee fusion, leaving her with no movement in her knee and a shortened leg.

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Roisin contacted our offices with a view to pursuing compensation. She arranged a consultation with Neil Kidd who explained the processes before initiating the claim on her behalf.

Roisin’s case involved claims for general damages due to her injuries and additionally, for her increased care needs, aids, appliances and housing requirements. Furthermore, novel issues arose in this case regarding the fact that, on the successful conclusion of her litigation, the Plaintiff and her husband would lose their entitlement to certain means-tested benefits which were their sole source of income. These losses were also included in Roisin’s case.

The matter settled for €550,000 plus legal costs

The case, listed for hearing, saw the Defendant initially disputing liability. However, weeks before the trial, they admitted liability. Settlement negotiations were unsuccessful until the trial day, when the Defendant offered €550,000 plus legal costs.

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