Mark’s cerebral palsy claim settled for over €10m
Medical Negligence

Mark’s cerebral palsy claim settled for over €10m

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Mark was born at Cavan General Hospital. Within hours of his birth, medical staff noted alarmingly low blood sugar levels, known as hypoglycaemia. Recognising the urgency, he was swiftly transferred to the High Dependency Unit of Temple Street Hospital in Dublin for specialised care and close monitoring.

Mark was found unresponsive in his hospital crib

Despite the critical nature of his condition, Mark was found unresponsive and without a pulse late one night. A nurse, who happened to be washing her hands nearby, discovered him. Investigations revealed that Mark had been without electronic monitoring for over an hour.

Immediate action was taken; the cardiac team was alerted and extensive CPR was administered. Although Mark was revived 15 minutes later, the irreversible damage was done. MRI scans later confirmed severe neurological damage.

The family wanted to pursue justice for baby Mark

The family reached out to Augustus Cullen Law and instructed Jamie Hart with their case.

A damning report from a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist from the Great Portland Street Children’s Hospital in London was obtained. The report heavily criticised the lack of continuous electronic monitoring, a failure that could have averted Mark’s circulatory collapse.

Liability was admitted and an interim payment of €1 million secured

Jamie issued legal proceedings and negligence was admitted by the hospital shortly before the trial was due to commence. An interim settlement of €1 million was secured to cover Mark’s immediate needs whilst the case was ongoing.

Uncovering the underlying issue

As we progressed the case, Mark’s parents arranged for him to go to Great Ormond Street in London where it was discovered that Mark was suffering from a metabolic condition known as Persistent Hyperinsulinism Hypoglycaemia in Infancy. This condition was the root cause of his low blood sugar levels. Mark had to undergo a complex surgery abroad, which finally stabilised his blood sugar levels.

Despite this, Mark went on to develop Cerebral Palsy.

The matter settled for almost €11m

Jamie successfully secured a final settlement of almost €10m in addition to the interim payment already received, bringing the total close to €11m plus costs.

The hospital also issued a heartfelt written apology to Mark’s parents, acknowledging their grievous error.

Mark’s journey through childhood

Despite the challenges he has faced, Mark’s resilience shines through. He has not only attended mainstream schooling but has also actively participated in various sports. While his overall health remains good, it’s important to note that he does have subtle deficits requiring ongoing support.

The settlement ensures that Mark will receive the necessary care and support for the rest of his life, allowing him to lead as fulfilling a life as possible.

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