John’s cauda equina claims settled for over €1m
Medical Negligence

John’s cauda equina claim settled for almost €2m

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John attended two different hospitals complaining of several symptoms over the course of two months. The symptoms that he was experiencing are considered “red flag” symptoms of cauda equina syndrome (CES). His complaints were not listened to despite the referral from his GP specifically querying the diagnosis of cauda equina.

At one point the pain in his lower back was so bad he had to lie on the floor of the Emergency Department. Shockingly, a security guard tried to throw him out.

What is cauda equina syndrome?

Cauda equina is a bundle of nerves below the end of the spine. When they are damaged, it is known as cauda equina syndrome which can lead to permanent paralysis, incontinence and other issues.

When cauda equina syndrome occurs, it requires emergency hospital admission. The longer CES goes untreated, the greater the chance of life-changing consequences.

John finally received the correct diagnosis

He ultimately received the correct diagnosis and was referred for emergency spinal decompression surgery to release the pressure on the nerve roots. Unfortunately, the delay led to a significant neurological deficit which is permanent.

The patient’s mother contacted Augustus Cullen Law

We were contacted by John’s mother who saw our expertise on our website and previous claims involving cauda equina syndrome. She had the benefit of an initial consultation with Jamie Hart, a clinical negligence expert, on her son’s behalf.

Jamie was instructed with the case and began the clinical negligence claims process

We obtained expert evidence from a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and a Consultant Spinal Surgeon from the UK which established the numerous incidents of negligence.

We also obtained a comprehensive review of all John’s injuries and his needs for the rest of his life from experts of varying disciplines.

HSE denied liability at first

The matter was fixed for trial. It seemed hard to understand how the HSE might defend it.

The trial date fast approached and HSE sought mediation. This was unsuccessful but further negotiations ensured John received an adequate settlement that would allow him the most comfortable and independent standard of living, given his permanent injuries.

The matter settled for a substantial seven-figure sum.

The settlement figure is one of the highest amounts in a cauda equina syndrome claim in Ireland.

Learn more about our cauda equina syndrome claims services

We are expert cauda equina syndrome claims solicitors. If you or a loved one has been impacted by a diagnosis of CES and would like to know more about what we do, visit Cauda Equina Claims or, Contact Us to speak with an expert.

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The name referenced throughout this case study is a pseudonym that has been put in place to protect the client’s privacy.


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