Jean’s accident at work claim settled for a sizeable sum
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Jean’s accident at work claim settled for a sizeable sum

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Jean, a flight attendant with Aer Lingus, was making her way through Dublin Airport.

While ascending an escalator, a passenger’s uncontrolled suitcase came hurtling down, striking her with significant force. This impact caused Jean to fall, leading to severe injuries.

The repercussions of the incident were profound for Jean. She was compelled to take a 10-week leave from work and undergo significant medical treatment, including surgery for a hip injury.

Jean contacted Augustus Cullen Law personal injury solicitors

Jean wished to pursue legal action against the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and the suitcase’s owner. She contacted Augustus Cullen Law and instructed Damien Conroy, a personal injury litigation solicitor.

Who was responsible for causing the workplace accident?

The basis of Jean’s claim was that, not only was the individual who dropped the suitcase negligent, but also that Dublin Airport Authority was negligent due to the poor design of the terminal at the time. Jean made the case that there was a lack of adequate signage indicating where individuals with large suitcases could use a lift.

Both defendants denied liability and the case was brought to the High Court.

The case settled in Jean’s favour

The case ran for one day after which the matter was ultimately settled between the parties in terms that were very satisfactory to Jean.

This case highlights the importance of safety and responsibility in public spaces, particularly in high-traffic areas like airports. The settlement achieved provides Jean with recognition of her ordeal and compensation for the injuries and trauma she endured.

Speak with an accident at work solicitor

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In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


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