Epilepsy drug (sodium valproate) use in pregnancy harms children
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Epilepsy drug (sodium valproate) use in pregnancy harms children

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People who suffer from epilepsy have previously been prescribed a drug called sodium valproate under the brand name Epilim. Tragically, some women were on the medication whilst pregnant without knowing the harm it could cause their babies.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) estimate that over 300 children may have experienced a major congenital malformation and over 1000 may have experienced some form of neurodevelopmental delay. The damage caused to these children ranges in severity but in the worst instances, the child will require a lifetime of care.

Sodium valproate claims & compensation in Ireland

The risks associated with sodium valproate in pregnancy have been well known within the medical community for decades and the apparent lack of consideration of these risks by doctors when prescribing sodium valproate to women of child bearing age is a significant issue as a number of legal cases come before the courts. We raised these issues several years ago when we brought the first case of this nature in Ireland to the Courts.

Recently, a similar case settled for €12m.

We are currently handling a large number of similar cases at various stages in the litigation process.

We are medical negligence experts

Augustus Cullen Law is a firm of leading medical negligence solicitors. If you or a family member require any advice on this issue please contact Neil Kidd, Partner in our Medical Negligence team. Or, visit Medical Negligence Claims to learn more about our services.


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