What is Pandemrix and why is it dangerous
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What is Pandemrix and why is it dangerous?

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In Europe, during the Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic of 2009/2010, Pandemrix was extensively administered as a vaccine, including to 900,000 individuals in Ireland. After observing a rise in narcolepsy cases among children who received the Pandemrix vaccine, various health agencies in Europe conducted investigations.

The Department of Health conducted a study to examine the connection between narcolepsy and Pandemrix. Their findings revealed a thirteen-fold increase in the risk of narcolepsy among vaccinated individuals compared to those who were not vaccinated.

A key ingredient, ASO3, in the Pandemrix vaccination has come under serious scrutiny as the possible link between the vaccination and narcolepsy. ASO3 is a class of pharmaceuticals known as adjuvants which act as a booster for the vaccination and increases the body’s immune response to it. This meant that only a fraction of the antigen (the part that does the immunising) is required to give protection against the H1N1 virus when the adjuvant is added. 

The pharmaceutical companies can produce larger quantities of the vaccines in less time with sufficient protection against the virus because of the adjuvants. The ASO3 adjuvant in Pandemrix was very potent and it is believed may have boosted both a good immune response but also an adverse one. The ASO3 is a combination of 3 ingredients, squalene (an oil derived from shark livers), a form of vitamin E called DL-alphatocopherol and a mixing agent, polysorbate 80.

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