No Win No Fee solicitors in Ireland explained Medical Negligence & Personal Injury Claims
Medical Negligence Personal Injury

‘No Win No Fee’ solicitors in Ireland explained: Medical Negligence & Personal Injury Claims

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At Augustus Cullen Law, we understand the apprehension that comes with the decision to pursue a legal claim, especially in medical negligence & personal injury cases.

Financial concerns should not deter justice, which is why ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements play a pivotal role in our legal system, ensuring access to legal representation for those who might otherwise be unable to afford it.

In this informational guide, we will dig deeper into No Win No Fee claims and their place in the Irish legal system.

What is a No Win No Fee claim?

A no win no fee arrangement means that clients do not pay solicitor fees if their claim does not result in a compensation award. This model enables individuals to pursue justice without the upfront financial risk associated with legal action.

In Ireland, they are sometimes called ‘No Foal No Fee’ agreements.

The purpose of No Win No Fee agreements in Ireland

These agreements are designed to:

  • Remove financial barriers to legal access
  • Provide a risk-free pathway to seeking compensation

How No Win No Fee works in relation to medical negligence & personal injury claims

While the core principle remains that you pay nothing if you don’t win, specifics can vary. Generally, if a claim is successful, the solicitor’s fees are then recovered from the compensation awarded. It’s crucial to discuss and understand the specific terms of the agreement with your solicitor upfront.

Does Augustus Cullen Law offer services on a No Win No Fee basis in Ireland?

The Law Society of Ireland and Legal Services Regulatory Authority regulate law firms in Ireland, and they have rules on advertising that all firms must adhere to.

There is a strict prohibition on advertising No Win No Fee claims which means we cannot publicly state whether we offer No Win No Fee as one of the many case funding options that we offer clients.

However, we can explain what funding options are available to you during your initial consultation. 

To arrange a consultation, simply pick up the phone or submit an enquiry form.

In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


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