A child’s personal injury claim settled for over €6.5m
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A child’s personal injury claim settled for over €6.5m

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Our young client, just 9 years old at the time, faced a life-altering accident that would irrevocably change her future. While crossing the road with her friends near her home, she was struck by a car. The accident led to catastrophic injuries, including a fractured skull and a traumatic brain injury. These severe injuries necessitated an extended in-patient stay at the hospital, followed by a long-term admission to the National Rehabilitation Hospital.

The search for expert legal help following a serious Road Traffic Accident

Initially, the family had enlisted the services of a local solicitor in their area. However, they grew increasingly dissatisfied with how the claim was being handled. Recognising our firm’s reputation for dealing with cases involving severe injuries, they transferred their file to us following a meeting with Damien Conroy.

The legal strategy

Upon reviewing the previous file, it became clear to Damien that liability would be a contested issue. We immediately engaged a Consultant Engineer to conduct a site inspection and produce a liability report. This was a crucial step in building a strong case for our client.

Addressing the child’s lifelong needs

The case’s complexity extended far beyond establishing liability. Given the life-changing nature of our client’s injuries, we had to ensure her lifelong needs would be met. We gathered reports from nearly thirty different experts, including an Expert Vocational Assessor to establish her potential loss of earnings. We also consulted with a Nursing Care Consultant to assess the level of care she would require for the rest of her life.

The matter was settled for a significant amount

Despite multiple settlement meetings, the defendants’ offers were insufficient. We had no choice but to bring the matter to court. As the matter was running, the defendants made an acceptable settlement offer of over €6.5 million, which the judge ruled as sufficient and a good result for our young client.

Ward of Court and future care

Due to the grave nature of her injuries, we applied to make her a Ward of Court. The settlement will cover her loss of earnings, lifelong care costs and any aids and appliances she may require, allowing her to lead as normal a life as possible under the circumstances. Her mother also received a significant sum for the care she had already provided.

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