General Surgery Claims

Despite the standard of surgery in Ireland being very high and the fact that there are certain risks associated with it, surgery can go wrong resulting in a patient being injured or even dying (see Fatal Injury Claims). Most surgeons have a specialist area these days making generalisations on this subject difficult. However, there are certain issues that are common to all surgical cases.

The most frequent causes of claims for surgical errors are a lack of informed consent, misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis resulting in delayed surgery, inadvertent lacerations of adjacent anatomy or organs during the procedure, failure to recognise post-operative bleeding and/or poor post-operative care.

Before performing any surgery, all surgeons must have the patient’s agreement to have the surgery done except in emergency situations.  In order for consent to be valid, a patient must be advised of and understand all the known associated risks and possible adverse outcomes before agreeing to undergo the procedure.  A medical negligence claim may arise in circumstances where a patient has undergone a surgical procedure without being fully informed of the risks associated with the surgery.


Augustus Cullen Law has been successful in numerous claims arising from general surgical errors.

Recent Cases of Note:

  • Augustus Cullen Law secure substantial six figure settlement for the family of man who died following admission to hospital with severe nose bleed
  • Augustus Cullen Law Succeed in securing €475,000.00 Settlement for Bladder Perforation Injury resulting in Fistula and Permanent Stoma
  • ACL settle case involving perforation of the colon
  • ACL secure victory for Plaintiff whose bladder was perforated during a routine hysterectomy
  • ACL secure six figure sum on behalf of Dublin woman who lost the use of her left kidney following a hysterectomy.
  • ACL secure early settlements in 3 medical negligence actions
  • Recently Completed Medical Negligence Cases


*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.