Six reasons every motorist should consider a dash cam on Ireland's roads
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Six reasons every motorist should consider a dash cam on Ireland’s roads

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A dash cam records what is happening in front of your vehicle, and sometimes in other directions, as you drive and potentially while you are parked. They are increasingly seen as a ‘must-have’ by drivers across Ireland.

Here are some reasons why a dash cam is a valuable asset:

A neutral witness in road traffic accident claims

In the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident, the first query is typically: “What happened?”

A dash cam can offer a definitive, unbiased account, capturing the event as it occurs. This footage may be crucial in establishing liability. It provides a factual, time-stamped and geolocated narrative that is indispensable for legal and insurance purposes, helping to clarify the truth amidst conflicting stories.

Fraud prevention

Dash cams serve as a powerful deterrent against insurance fraud on the roads.

By documenting the true circumstances of incidents as they unfold, these cameras help expose fraudulent claims where individuals may exaggerate, entirely fabricate or intentionally cause accidents – often part of schemes known as “crash for cash” scams – for financial benefit.

They are affordable

Thanks to advancements in technology, the cost of dash cams has decreased significantly. This development means that dash cams are now affordable and accessible for most drivers, no longer a luxury but a feasible addition for enhanced safety.

Many newer vehicles even come equipped with dash cams, including models offering comprehensive 360-degree views.

Security while parked

Modern dash cams are equipped with a parking mode, which activates the camera if it detects motion or an impact when the vehicle is parked. This feature is useful for recording incidents like minor collisions, vandalism or theft attempts, offering vehicle owners additional security and peace of mind.

Gardaí appeals for evidence

Dash cams can play a pivotal role in police inquiries by providing vital evidence for investigations. The Gardaí often request footage from the public’s dash cams to help identify suspects, witnesses or missing individuals.

Capturing the unexpected

Beyond safety and security, dash cams are perfect for recording unexpected occurrences, be it a lightening strike or a unique animal crossing. These memorable moments can be cherished and shared, making dash cams a tool for both security and enjoyment.

We are road traffic accident claims experts with offices in Dublin, Wicklow & Wexford

We are experts in road traffic accident claims, and our solicitors are here to assist, whether you have dash cam footage or not. Visit our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information or Contact Us to arrange a consultation with a solicitor.


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