Swine flu vaccine (Pandemrix) triggered the development of narcolepsy
Medical Negligence

Swine flu vaccine (Pandemrix) triggered the development of narcolepsy

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Augustus Cullen Law have secured a number of mediated settlements on behalf of clients who have been affected by the Pandemrix vaccine which triggered the development of narcolepsy following vaccination in response to the swine flu epidemic.

An ungainly ad hoc settlement process was designed by the State Claims Agency which allows for plaintiffs to try and resolve their claims through a mediated process. To date the average mediated award Augustus Cullen Law clients have received is just over €1 million with awards averaging €1,058,000 together with their full legal costs. In all cases we have successful managed to argue that our clients be awarded the full 50% value of their claim in circumstances where the ad hoc scheme can only at most award a figure based on 50% of the full value.

The cases concluded have ranged between male and female Plaintiffs all in their 20s who have continued to suffer from narcolepsy since their vaccination and have faced significant challenges in attaining their full potential with many of them requiring significant supports through their education. Other needs including care and counselling into the future are costed and incorporated into the claims and subsequent awards.

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